This Fellowship is based on the Integrity and Character of men and woman of God. This is a must, without exception for all who shall join us. Within this Fellowship, we recognize the Office of the Apostle, the Office of the Prophet, and Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher.


The Fellowship Theme is "Wholeness of Integrity."


Kingdom Life Fellowship International, Inc. is multi-cultural and multi-denominational. The Tiers of Leadership include the Holy Synod, Executive Board of Bishop, General Overseers, State Overseers, Regional and State Bishops, and Senior Pastor.


Kingdom Life Fellowship International, Inc. is one of the fasted growing Fellowships Internationally that I have had a chance to witness in my entire life. God has breathed on us and we will continue to do the work. This Fellowship will sweep across America by leaps and bounds. We will bring the world back to Christ, by changing one heart at a time.